Put My Thing Down, Flip It, and Reverse It – Tenet

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unfathomable effect on every aspect of our lives, and for one out of every 1,000 Americans, ended them entirely. In the much less significant arena of cinema, the pandemic disrupted the entire business model of the studio and theatre system, perhaps permanently. One of the biggest consequences of this … Continue reading Put My Thing Down, Flip It, and Reverse It – Tenet

Oscar Gold 2018 – Best Director

I guess it's appropriate that I'm doing the Directing category today, especially after I spent the early part of yesterday's review of¬†Annihilation calling B.S. on Natalie Portman's complaints about the category at the Golden Globes. This is a category long mired in controversy, and not just for gender bias, though the fact that it took … Continue reading Oscar Gold 2018 – Best Director