Oscar Blitz 2023 – Live Diary

We finally made it, everyone! After weeks of speculation, analysis, viewings, and general complaining, it's finally time for the 95th Academy Awards. The celebrities are out in force, idiots are asking about "who" a person is wearing when they really mean "what," and the good people at PricewaterhouseCoopers have been duly instructed to actually pay … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – Live Diary

Oscar Blitz 2023 – Live Action Short (VIDEO)

For the second straight year, my journey through the Short Film Program had an extra degree of excitement. Due to the timing and location of the screenings, I was able to view all three categories in one day. It started with Animation at the newly-remodeled NuArt Theatre on Santa Monica Boulevard, followed almost immediately by … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – Live Action Short (VIDEO)

Oscar Blitz 2023 – Best Actress

The controversy surrounding this year's Best Actress category has been, in an odd way, rather fascinating. This is mostly because of which aspects of the situation people tend to get offended by, and which they're perfectly fine with. For those blissfully unaware, THE big shock of the nomination announcement was that Andrea Riseborough got the … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – Best Actress