Oscar Blitz 2023 – Visual Effects

Thirty years ago, one of the greatest effects-driven films ever made was released upon an adoring public, and that was Jurassic Park. The expert combination of animatronics and relatively new digital CGI executed by the late, great Stan Winston ushered in an entirely new era of movie magic, where special effects could almost become the … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – Visual Effects

Oscar Blitz 2023 – International Feature (VIDEO)

We all know that the internet is a double-edged sword. It has brought worlds of information to our fingertips, to the point where if there's something known by our species, it can be disseminated and taught to you in a matter of clicks. The flipside is that it's given rise to copious amounts of misinformation, … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – International Feature (VIDEO)

Oscar Blitz 2023 – Supporting Actor

I mentioned at the beginning of this year's Blitz, while covering Supporting Actress, that this year was a rarity in that the actress categories are absolutely stacked while the actor side is decidedly lacking. Between both female-led fields, I'd argue that there are only two nominations that are somewhat fishy based on performance quality, and … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – Supporting Actor