Oscar Blitz 2023 – Supporting Actor

I mentioned at the beginning of this year's Blitz, while covering Supporting Actress, that this year was a rarity in that the actress categories are absolutely stacked while the actor side is decidedly lacking. Between both female-led fields, I'd argue that there are only two nominations that are somewhat fishy based on performance quality, and … Continue reading Oscar Blitz 2023 – Supporting Actor

A Surprise Blitz – 95th Academy Awards Nominees

Today's the big day, folks! It seems like only yesterday Will Smith was committing assault and battery on live television because of a G.I. Jane joke, but it's already time to begin the 2023 Oscar Blitz! In a ceremony hosted by Riz Ahmed and Allison Williams, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced … Continue reading A Surprise Blitz – 95th Academy Awards Nominees