Absolute Poop – 41st Razzie Awards!

Tomorrow night is Oscar Night, where the ostensible best in film will be celebrated with the industry’s highest honor. However, as is tradition, on the eve of the ceremony, the world recognizes the absolute bottom of the barrel with the Golden Raspberry Awards!

For the second straight year, I paid for a membership so I could actually vote and nominated for the ceremony, because while I actively try to avoid crap, sometimes it still meets my gaze. And when it does, it has to be called out, even in the form of an ironic prize.

In keeping with the parody of the Academy’s standards, the rules for the Razzies were amended this year to allow for “streaming” content, which of course opened the door to hot garbage like Hubie Halloween and The Wrong Missy, as well as “documentaries” that only aired on so-called “news” networks that are currently being sued for defamation. It also resulted in a special “Governors Award” for the year, officially declaring 2020 to be the Worst Calendar Year Ever!

Normally there’s a tongue-in-cheek online ceremony to hand out the spray-painted awards, but this year we got a YouTube video announcing the “winners,” which you can watch below.

With that, we’re one day away from putting 2020 behind us at long last. Tune in tomorrow for the annual Oscar Night Live Blog!

Join the conversation in the comments below! Did you see any of these nominees? Which was the worst? If Mike Lindell or Rudy Giuliani go to jail, can we force them to smuggle in their awards rectally? Let me know!

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