Fingers Crossed for Improvement – 95th Oscars Announced

It’s been seven weeks since one of the most controversial Academy Awards ceremonies ever, to say nothing of recent memory. Relegated categories, bullshit online polls commandeered by Zack Snyder fanboys, Disney commercials disguised as content, The Slap, suffice to say, this was a troubled year.

Well, hope springs eternal, as the first major announcement has come out today from the Academy regarding next year’s Oscars. All of the major dates have been announced, save for the specialty category submission deadlines. AMPAS’ capitulation to their business daddy apparently worked in the short term, as the marginal increase in ratings is enough for now that ABC hasn’t kiboshed the entire ceremony just yet. The 95th Oscars will take place on Sunday, March 12, and will be aired on the national network. Who knows how many categories we’ll have to cut to appease Disney this time, but at least the commitment has been made.

Other important dates to put on the calendar if you’re an obsessive like me: The general submission deadline is November 15; the eligibility cutoff is December 31 as per usual, hinting that there won’t be a return to 2020 rules unless COVID has another huge resurgence; the shortlists will be announced on December 21, and nominations will be revealed on January 24.

For the full press release from the Academy, including all the other official dates for the 95th Oscars calendar, you can click here. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we can course correct after last year’s disaster.

Join the conversation in the comments below! Have you decompressed from this year’s ceremony yet? Are you excited for next year? Will you join the crusade to make sure category relegations never happen again? Let me know!

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