Oscar Blitz 2023 – Who Will Win? (VIDEO)

The nominees have had their moments in the sun. Every category has been given its due consideration. I’ve crossed my fingers and endorsed all my favorites in hopes that they’ll take home a well-earned victory come Sunday night. But will it all shake out the way I want it to? Of course not! If I had that kind of power to manifest my desires, do you think I’d spend it on an awards show? Come on! I love the Oscars, but no.

So who will actually hear their name called after that glorious phrase, “And the Oscar goes to…” this weekend? Well, that’s what I’m here to go over. Using Awards Season trends, guild ceremonies, inferences based on patterns I’ve recognized over the years, and just plain common sense, I am here once again to help you win your friends and/or office pools for the Academy Awards.

There’s no massive preamble, no side analysis, just pure prognostication, because god dammit, I’ve earned an early night and a lie-in tomorrow morning. Enjoy!

Up Next, there’s just one more day to go! I’ll probably see a new movie tomorrow and post a review ASAP, but come Sunday (it’s even one hour closer thanks to Daylight Saving), it’s all about the Main Event. And as always, I’ll be right here on the blog updating my running Live Diary as the events unfold! Who will get bitch-slapped this year? Which innocuous joke will Jimmy Kimmel tell that will offend every idiot on the planet? Who will ever give a shit about the red carpet (spoiler on that last one, not me)? Join me then!

Join the conversation in the comments below! Who do you think will win Best Picture? What will be the biggest upset of the night? Who will be left off the “In Memoriam” reel? Let me know!

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