This Film is Not Yet Watchable – November 2022

Things tend to get hectic this time of year. We're firmly into Awards Season, with the various studios all jockeying for position as they campaign to the Academy and outright bribe the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The International Feature entries start seeping into theatres, both independent and mainstream. As the holidays approach, there's an absolute … Continue reading This Film is Not Yet Watchable – November 2022

The Depths of Shallowness – Triangle of Sadness

When it's at its best, satire derives humor from skewering the powerful and playing into the inherent absurdity of those with nothing better to do in their lives than maintain a status quo that continually privileges them. It's an artistic form that has been mastered many times over the years, from Jonathan Swift's "Modest Proposal" … Continue reading The Depths of Shallowness – Triangle of Sadness

Bending Towards Justice – Argentina, 1985

Awards Season is officially underway. The studios are already initiating their campaigns for various films and performers, the festival circuit has become a contest of one-upmanship to see which upcoming movies can have the longest standing ovation to generate buzz, and yesterday was the first major deadline for the Oscars, including for countries submitting an … Continue reading Bending Towards Justice – Argentina, 1985