Severe Daddy Issues – The Son

Florian Zeller shocked the world two years ago with the cinematic adaptation of his stage play, The Father. Through clever editing, poignant dialogue, masterful set design, and incredible performances from Olivia Colman and Anthony Hopkins (the latter winning the Oscar for Best Actor), the film presented dementia in the starkest terms ever seen on screen. … Continue reading Severe Daddy Issues – The Son

Lighter Than Normal Laika Fare, But No Less Dazzling – Missing Link

Laika Studios now have five feature films under their collective belt when it comes to stop-motion animation. The previous four (Coraline, ParaNorman, Box Trolls, and Kubo and the Two Strings) were all nominated for the Oscar for Animated Feature, and rightfully so. In addition to eye-popping animation and visual effects that continually breathe new life into a format … Continue reading Lighter Than Normal Laika Fare, But No Less Dazzling – Missing Link

Oscar Gold 2018 – Adapted Screenplay

The screenwriting categories are among my favorites, y'know, being a writer and all. And there's an interesting dichotomy in results between the Original and Adapted Screenplay awards. Since 2000, half of the Adapted Screenplay winners have gone on to win Best Picture. Conversely, only five Original Screenplay winners have won the top prize in that … Continue reading Oscar Gold 2018 – Adapted Screenplay