Oscar Gold 2021 – The Hub

It’s time for the annual Oscar Blitz to begin in earnest! Starting on Monday, and over the next five weeks until the biggest night in entertainment, I’ll be going through my favorite annual ritual of breaking down each and every category and nominee for the Academy Awards. Every weekday until we’re done, I’ll analyze the pros and cons of each contender, then grant my personal rankings if the forces of the universe ever conspire to give me an actual vote. Once we’re done, I’ll make my official predictions for what will go down on Oscar Night, and a live blog as the festivities unfold.

There are two new elements to the coverage this year. First, I’ll (hopefully) be including polls both here and on the Twitter page (@actually_paid, follow it now!) to track your opinions as well. There’s a function for it in the page editor, so as long as I can figure it out, I’ll include that in the posts. Second is this very post, a hub page for all the coverage during the Blitz. As I post articles for each category, I’ll update this one with the appropriate link, so if it’s easier for you, you can just bookmark this post and check whichever category you want, rather than having to scroll the entire frontpage.

So as we get ready for the deep dive coverage, keep it locked here for all the updates. Here is the tentative calendar for this year’s Blitz coverage:

Monday, March 22 – Documentary Feature
Tuesday, March 23 – Sound
Wednesday, March 24 – Original Screenplay
Thursday, March 25 – Makeup & Hairstyling
Friday, March 26 – Best Supporting Actor
Monday, March 29 – Animated Feature
Tuesday, March 30 – Cinematography
Wednesday, March 31 – Original Score
Thursday, April 1 – Film Editing
Friday, April 2 – Best Supporting Actress
Monday, April 5 – International Feature
Tuesday, April 6 – Original Song
Wednesday, April 7 – Adapted Screenplay
Thursday, April 8 – Production Design
Friday, April 9 – Best Actor
Monday, April 12 – Costume Design
Tuesday, April 13 – Animated Short
Wednesday, April 14 – Best Actress
Thursday, April 15 – Documentary Short
Friday, April 16 – Visual Effects
Monday, April 19 – Live Action Short
Tuesday, April 20 – Best Director
Wednesday, April 21 – Best Picture
Friday, April 23 – Who Will Win?
Sunday, April 25 – Oscar Night Live Diary

I hope you all enjoy the next few weeks as much as I will! Here’s to finally closing out 2020!

Join the conversation in the comments below! Which category are you most looking forward to? What’s your pick for Best Picture? Will you tell your friends to vote in the polls to artificially inflate my traffic numbers? Let me know!

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