Just One More Thing… – 42nd Annual Razzies!

The Oscars are done. The Blitz is over. All the films that I’m going to see for any of these purposes I’ve seen. There’s just one last thing to do to officially wrap up 2021 in cinema, and that’s to acknowledge the absolute bottom of the barrel.

Please welcome, Billie Eilish!

Just kidding. I’d never stoop so low. As always, the Golden Raspberries get to have their parodical say on the eve of the Academy Awards, noting the worst of the worst from the year that was at the movies. And for the third year running, I considered it worth shelling out the $25 to get a vote in the process. I’ll probably never get an Academy vote, so this is the next best thing until I get to join one of the major guilds and vote on their awards.

As they did last year, the Razzies – in following with the Academy’s pandemic regulations – have allowed streaming movies to be considered for the annual “prizes” (air quotes). However, unlike the Academy, they take all comers, even the ones that still wouldn’t be eligible for AMPAS under these conditions. For the bulk of Awards Season, streaming content counts only if it was originally intended for theatrical release and/or got an MPA rating. For the Razzies, no such limitation is enforced, so whatever nonsense you could broadcast on Netflix or Paramount+ for one day still counts. The nominees were announced last month in all but one category, the “Razzie Redeemer” Award, which honors a past nominee or winner who put out something good. That award is determined solely by the “committee of two” who run the show.

So here are your winners, such as they are, for the 42nd Razzie Awards! I’ll note where my vote dissented with the winner, as well as the additional “Redeemer” nominees who didn’t take home the spray-painted trophy.

Worst Picture
Diana: The Musical
(My Vote – Space Jam: A New Legacy)

Worst Director
Christopher Ashley – Diana: The Musical
(My Vote – Joe Wright – The Woman in the Window)

Worst Actor
LeBron James – Space Jam: A New Legacy

Worst Actress
Jeanna de Waal – Diana: The Musical
(My Vote – Amy Adams – The Woman in the Window)

Worst Supporting Actor
Jared Leto – House of Gucci

Worst Supporting Actress
Judy Kaye – Diana: The Musical
(My Vote – Taryn Manning – Every Last One of Them; I split my votes between her and Adams since they were both up in both acting categories)

Worst Screen Combo
LeBron James & Any Warner Cartoon (or Time-Warner Product) He Dribbles On – Space Jam: A New Legacy
(My Vote – Jared Leto & Either His 17-Pound Latex Face, His Geeky Clothes, or His Ridiculous Accent – House of Gucci)

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel
Space Jam: A New Legacy

Worst Screenplay
Diana: The Musical
(My Vote – Karen)

Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Film (Special Category)
Cosmic Sin
(My Vote – Midnight in the Switchgrass)

Razzie Redeemer Award
Will Smith – King Richard (bet the committee wishes they could take that one back, eh?)
(Other Nominees: Jamie Dornan – Belfast, and Nicolas Cage – Pig)

So that’s it. That’s the final note to end 2021 in film. I’m looking forward to refocusing on just the new content going forward, especially the latest edition of TFINYW coming soon!

Join the conversation in the comments below! Did you watch any of these films? Do you regret it if you did? Seriously, Leto, what the fuck? Let me know!

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